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Our Story

Kobee Nyro Texter was 24 years old, born August 15th, 1996. He was a son, a brother an uncle and a friend. He loved the game of basketball, his family and his friends. He graduated William Allen High School June 2014, he attended Valley Forge Military College where he graduated in 2016 with an Associates Degree and then attended East Stroudsburg University where he graduated in 2018 with his Bachelors in Communication with a concentration in Public Relations.

On July 20th, 2021 there was a disturbing text that came through our group chat... "did Kobee die?" At first we're thinking, it was a joke because he hadn't responded in a while, but we soon come to find out it was serious question. There are 15 people in the chat, everyone with those nervous butterflies in their stomach is trying to call him, text him, message him on Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, anyway possible. Sadly to our dismay no one got a hold of him, we found out, our fun, loving friend had lost his battle with mental health and took his own life. We did not even know that the guy we've played basketball with since Middle School and High school, the guy that always wanted to make people happy, he himself wasn't happy and was struggling.

We could not see the signs that showed he was battling mentally, he didn't feel comfortable enough to share it with us. Due to this, we decided we couldn't lose another friend, family member or community member again due to suicide. Which is why Sept 18th, 2021, 2 months later we held a memorial tournament in his name to benefit Mental Health Awareness and Suicide Prevention. It was decided that this tournament needed to be more though and we now will continue spreading awareness annually, so ALL know they have a voice and they can speak, NO ONE will be left in the dark!

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